30 cm Spiral Stick Lucky Bamboo Plant

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Wish all happiness to your family and friends by gifting them Spiral stick lucky bamboo plant.

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01   30 cm Spiral Stick Lucky Bamboo Plant Plant

Description for 30 cm Spiral Stick Lucky Bamboo Plant

Plant height: 24 – 36 inches (60 – 92 cm)
Plant spread: 4 – 6 inches (10 – 16 cm)

  • A gift of lucky bamboo symbolizes the wish for a strong life filled with prosperity.
  • Spiral sticks are made after training lucky bamboo stick to grow in curls or decorating lucky bamboo containers.
  • Nodes and internodes are present on the stem, leaves arise from the nodal region.
  • Bamboo can be grown in water pot or soil pot.


Common name(s): Spiral Bamboo, Bamboo stick
Flower colours: Rare indoor flowering

Bloom time:
Max reachable height: 30 cm
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Planting and care

It can be planted in soil as well as in the water.

Sunlight: Moderate levels of indirect light
Soil: Moist (If planted in soil pot)
Water: Moderate
Temperature: 25 degrees C
Fertilizer: Can use water-soluble houseplant fertilizer

Caring for 30 cm Spiral Stick Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • Keep the Lucky bamboo plant away from direct sunlight to avoid overheat from sun exposure.
  • Do not spray water or mist in the lucky bamboo leaves, a gentle wiping will remove dust or dirt from it.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water as it may cause damage to the plant. Maintain the water level to keep the roots submerged in water.
  • Change the water, clean the roots of the plant and pot once in a week to keep plants healthy.

Typical uses of 30 cm Spiral Stick Lucky Bamboo Plant

Special features: Attractive foliage and stem
Ornamental use: It adds value to the beauty of a house.


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